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For almost a century we produced Oil & Gas and the industry is still inefficient. As of today, half of all development projects lag expectations in cost, schedule and captured value with Supply Chain as the most important challenge. Large project risks are associated with quality and availability of equipment and services. Most operators agree with the importance of setting projects’ contracting and procurement strategies early, however final Contract & Procurement decisions are vested with Project Managers even if their understanding of supply chain requirements may be inadequate.


ORAMA knows the industry and its supply chain and we are uniquely positioned to support O&G operators and gather their required cost savings while keeping the required level of quality.
This is what defines ORAMA as a company and how we approach our work: our Identity that summarizes our Purpose, our Ambitions and our Values, and it expresses the mindset we will need to succeed.


Our Values


We pride ourselves on upholding our three values,which will guide the decisions we make as we pursue our ambitions: Manufacturers, Technology and Savings

Manufacturers – Our Manufacturers are selected based upon their dedication to safety and customer service, which is our greatest strength, and Certifications.

Technology - Our commitment to technology and quality is the basis of our collaboration with Manufacturers and our competitive advantage

Cost savings - Our determination to produce superior cost savings is the cornerstone of future growth for both our Customers and ourselves.


Our Purpose


ORAMA exists to be at the forefront of the Oil and Gas Supply Chain, enabling our customers to overcome challenges, improve performance and ultimately achieve savings. Our history and culture is built on exploring Manufacturers abilities, science and innovation. Our aim is to continually extend the technical limits of oilfield products and equipment through our collaboration with Manufacturers. We aspire to this by acting as an independent intermediate company by pursuing a consistent relationship with all customers and manufacturers.


Our Ambition


We will realize the true value of the ORAMA offering through relentless pursuit of our ambitions:

Growth - Outperforming the markets where we choose to work.

Integrity - Living by the same high standards of safety and business practices, everywhere we work. Engagement - Understanding and exceeding the expectations of our Customers and Manufacturers.

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