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The ORAMA Supply Grid

We provide high quality products, equipment and spare parts from top manufacturers; we do this on-time and with cost savings. We always provide Technical Support on all purchased products and equipment.

A general grid of our products and equipment is featured below:​

  •  Separators (production and sand)

  • Heaters (line / treater)

  • Induced gas flotation (IGF)

  •  Filter Coalescer

  • Boilers

  • Vaporizers

  • Flares Systems

  • Compressors (reciprocating)

  • Pumps (transfer and pipeline) API 610 – ANSI

  •  Valves

  • Meter (LACT) Skids

  • Flow meter

  • PIGS (launchers and receivers) skids

  • Isolation joints and flanges

  •  OEM spare parts

  •  Generators (100kw to 40 MW)

  •  Gas Processing; CO2 removal, LPG, LNG, Dew Point Control, Dehydration

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