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We know exactly the portfolio of drilling equipment and products that will deliver cost savings while reducing downtime and operating costs.


We are focused on the needs of the customers and the abilities of our manufacturers that we partner with to better understand the customers’ specific needs and the best solution. We strive to deliver the highest drilling equipment quality, on-time and with cost savings.


We partner with our customers and manufacturers to understand the challenges to be faced, we are able to leverage all of the domain expertise and technological advantages that being a collaborative network enabler company can offer.


We have seen our customers benefiting from replacing and upgrading drilling and work over equipment, products and parts, carefully tailored to their specific needs. ORAMA established records on drilling and work over, including:


  • Rig Packages,

  • Drilling Equipment,

  • Pipe Handling Equipment,

  • Specialist Equipment

  • Spares and Ancillary Items.

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